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Relationships are made for getting to know yourself better.

Relationships can fail if you don't feel loved or understood!

It's like a journey of getting to know yourself better and growing. When you engage with your partner and the relationship, you can find out what you really want and need, how to communicate and how to resolve conflicts.

But a relationship can only be successful if you have the feeling that you are loved by your partner. Not feeling loved can lead to pain and conflict, ultimately ending the relationship.

There are many reasons why a partner does not feel loved. Maybe the other partner doesn't see him enough or doesn't support him in his dreams and ambitions. Perhaps there are problems in communication or in building trust that make one or both partners feel unsafe. Or maybe it's just a matter of appreciation and respect lacking in the relationship.

Ultimately, a relationship can only be successful if it is built on love, trust and respect. When you feel that these basic elements are missing from the relationship, it is important to talk about them and work together to salvage the relationship. However, if it is no longer possible, both partners should part in peace.

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That says Bismark 

"Some relationships aren't meant to last forever. They're just a way of learning what you really want and don't want. Communication is KEY - asking questions will help you get to know and understand your partner better. Learn how Make your partner feel loved and give them that feeling as often as possible. Also, let your partner know how you feel loved so you can be "happy" together."

the 3 pillars of a good relationship

Knowing why you fell in love with each other 

Know your values and those of your partner

Knowing how to make each other feel loved

Knowing how to fall in love means your partner is pushing the right buttons. When do you start saying 'I love you'?

The 5 Love Languages:
Words of appreciation, gifts, helpfulness,
Time together and physical  closeness.

Knowing yourself and the other means having understanding. Understanding is an excellent basis for having a good relationship.

"Treat each other every day like you did when you first met, and your relationship will thrive!"


Relationships are like plants.

Relationships and plants have a lot in common. Like plants, relationships need the right care and attention to thrive and grow. If you buy a plant and take care of it with love and care, it will thrive and bloom. But if care is neglected, the plant will die and wither. It's the same in relationships. When you start a relationship, you are full of enthusiasm and joy. You make an effort to make the other person happy, communicate openly and show interest in your partner's life. But over time, those efforts can slack off and you start taking the relationship for granted. If you neglect to nurture the relationship, it will wither and possibly even die. That's why it's incredibly important to become aware of why you love the person and why you're together in the first place! This applies to both couples and family members! No relationship should just be based on status!

We help you, no matter what relationship, to provide clarity, direct communication and an improvement for you! Because let's be honest, maybe there are people you have to let go of because they aren't good for you... We look at your situation and needs individually to find the best possible solution for you and the loved ones in your life find.

Help us,
to help you!


Relationships are like works of art, created when two people work together. As with any art form, it takes constant communication and mutual respect to reach its full potential. But unlike static works of art, relationships are constantly in motion and changeable, like an ever-changing painting. It is therefore important that both parties are willing to accept the changes and be flexible in doing so. This is the only way to keep improving the art of relationship and create new masterpieces that will last a lifetime."

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