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Now what is this FEELING?

Challenges are situations in which one is confronted with strong emotional distress or difficult feelings that can affect one's well-being. Such challenges can arise for a variety of reasons, such as interpersonal relationships, work, financial stress, illness, grief or unforeseen events. In order to overcome emotional challenges, it is important to take time for self-reflection and to identify and understand your own emotions. It can be helpful to keep a journal or to talk about it with someone you trust. It's also important to realize that emotions are normal and that it's okay to seek help when you're feeling overwhelmed.

"Emotional chaos is the result of not knowing how to deal with an uncomfortable situation. Feelings want to be lived and understood. They are a natural expression of our inner experience. It is important to acknowledge and understand our feelings in order to be appropriate to be able to deal with it."

That says



The ability to look at experiences from a different perspective is important for personal development

Selftalk has a major impact on how we view certain situations

Posture, facial expressions and thoughts affect your emotional state

You can influence yourself positively through music, movement and beautiful memories

A good choice of your environment is important for your well-being and your personal development

Choosing your five most important people is critical to your stability and well-being.

That says

"There are only two basic feelings from which all other feelings result: love and fear. Love leads you to you, fear leads you away from you. The closer you are to yourself and your heart, the better you feel.

By connecting with our Higher Self, we embark on the path to a fulfilling and happy life. "

Your Emotional Guidance System

As humans, we have an inner, higher, and wiser part called our Higher Self. Our emotions serve as clues as to whether we are moving away from our higher self (through negative thoughts and emotions) or approaching it (through positive thoughts and emotions). When we're in an uncomfortable emotional state, we stop to remember what we were just thinking or feeling. Our negative thoughts and emotions are an indicator that we are not aligned with our higher self at this moment. It is then up to us to address specific issues related to our negative thoughts and emotions. If we apply this process to all areas of life, we can significantly improve our mental and emotional health.

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Help us,
To help you

Whether you're suffering from depression, anxiety, tantrums, jealousy, self-loathing, or resignation - all of these conditions are names for one and the same issue: Your feelings are stashed and want to get out loud. And how do they do it? By starting to hurt. But why should you wait until your pain threshold is reached? Why not start now to deal with your feelings more consciously in order to make friends with them? No matter what state you are in right now, it is possible to free yourself from it! We know this from our own experience and would like to pass this knowledge on to anyone who is willing to face their feelings.

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