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In order to overcome your challenges together with you,

so that you are happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life,

you should of course get to know us.

Who are we? Why are we doing MeinProblemlö

What have we already achieved and where do we want to go?

Life coach, consultant, author, pain therapist & visionary 

Bismark Kunkel is a jack of all trades, he shows this as an entrepreneur, bestselling author, do-gooder and pain therapist who improves other people's lives and businesses. Through his live seminars, he has enabled more than 800 people from all over Germany to optimize their love life and physical health. Help for self-help is his motto. For more than 10 years, hundreds of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and transformative power of Bismark's business and personal coaching.


Bismark is the author of 4 books includingTraining without equipment: fit with the 3D system(2013) Amazon Best Sellers andTraining without equipment: Start up(2014).The Joint Pain Bible: The Truth About the Origin of Your Joint Pain(2019). His latest book, Metahuman: How Breakthroughs in Manifold Precision Transforms the Quality of Your Life and That of Your Loved Ones, will be published in December 2023.


Bismark aims to invest in more than 25 companies with combined annual sales in excess of $42 million. Partners such as Ratiopharm, FlirtEmpire, Tattoo Academy, Advanced Personality Coaching and many more rely on his expertise and describe him as an outstanding and impressive partner and entrepreneur.

Bismark is aa strong leader - he has worked with musicians, designers, entrepreneurs and producers. Business people and financial moguls have used his personal coaching and are enthusiastic about his personality. He is lovable and gives much of his earnings to hhe wants to develop this charity into a foundation. As a loving father of two great sons, his greatest vision is to create an institution for children without parents to provide them with food, care and guidanceto give g. Bismark says: "Every human being deserves to live in prosperity and abundance,

especially the youngest among us - and it's easy to do if we stick together!"

In an Interview With the Founder and CEO: 

Bismark Kunkel

What experiences led you to found a company specializing in coaching and solving other people's challenges? "When I mastered being unhappy by completely going into it, I decided to master being happy, and that was noticed in my environment. The path to happiness is very polarizing, because if you're one of the few who walks through the crowd with a wide grin, you're already very noticeable these days. People in my environment were either excited or put off when they noticed the change. I can really say that the change in my character has greatly raised my aura, which has led some people to be really impressed by me even now when they get to know me better. Gradually, I noticed that I was almost daily contacted by old and new friends, so that my everyday life was filled with answering questions and giving advice. This was very exhausting for me. When did you start taking money in exchange for coaching? And why? "I would prefer not to exchange money for coaching at all, but as I already said, it has been strenuous for me to make myself available to people with advice and support, and I can also tell you exactly why: The reason is that there was no balance. Of course, most people thanked me, but a thank you as compensation for 1-2 hours of problem-solving management is pretty unbalanced. In addition, I noticed that I couldn't take care of my own projects anymore, and that was also reflected in my bank account. I began to suffer from wanting to help others so much - and then the following sentence came to my mind: "Rich people serve others and are brave enough to demand compensation!" If you had to name a core situation that motivated you to found MeinProblemlöser, what would it be? My business partner Jasmin Hamammi motivated me to finally start my passion project. It was at a time when I had been disappointed by many people, as I was often exploited or treated very ungratefully for my help. At some point, I was just very pessimistic and felt that I shouldn't help anyone anymore. In one of our more intense sessions, Jasmin once told me that I shouldn't give up on the world and that there are enough people worth saving. She said, "Everyone deserves to lead a wonderful life. But not everyone is willing to change for it. We do it for those who are willing to continue developing."

singer, artist,

healer and visionary

At such a young age, Jasmine has shown a high enthusiasm  for personal development and has embarked on an amazing journey of healing and self discovery. She has overcome her own trauma, repaired relationships, and helped her family navigate their trauma.

Your ability to help others comes from a deep love and dedication to the welfare of others. Jasmin's talent as a singer and artist is just as impressive as her knowledge of the human psyche. She quickly recognizes beliefs and behaviors and can show them to people with the right questions, so that others can experience their first breakthroughs with just a few conversations with her.

Friends and family, old and young, look to her for advice and motivation. She uses her skills to inspire others to do their best and improve their lives. Her forthcoming book, The Path = Goal Method: A Guide to a Better Life, is another example of her determination to help others embrace their feelings and improve their own lives.

Jasmin is a visionary and entrepreneur who aims to show people the truth about themselves: that they can achieve anything as long as they are willing to change. Above all, it offers motivation and mentoring to many young people who come from critical backgrounds. She does this outside of charity institutions, simply out of pure love, because for her, children and young people are the future of our society. On the one hand, she freed herself from severe depression and built up her independence. On the other hand, she has helped many people deal with the confusion of their own thoughts and feelings in order to gain clarity. Her vision is for everyone to realize how incredibly valuable they are.

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