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The key to financial success is:

self love and reflection!

There is only one small but crucial difference between the poor and the extremely wealthy: self-love and self-knowledge. Wealthy people value themselves enough to make their financial goals and dreams a reality, and they have the necessary techniques to develop self-reflection and skills to use their money on their behalf.

A lack of self-love can result in a person not clearly defining their financial needs and goals and instead letting external factors guide them.

Additionally, a lack of self-awareness can result in a person not fully understanding where they stand financially and how they can improve their financial situation. Without a clear idea of your income sources, expenses, and debts, setting a realistic budget and saving money can be difficult.

the reason for little money in life


A heater consists of a controller and a thermostat. The controller is there to set the desired temperature, for example 20 degrees Celsius. The thermostat measures the current temperature in the room and compares it with the set temperature.

Now you open your window and cold air comes in from outside.

The thermostat sensor recognizes this and tries to bring the temperature back to 20 degrees. The heater then heats up again until the 20 degrees is reached by burning more fuel.

However, since cold air is constantly flowing into the room from outside, it is clear that the heating is constantly running at full blast.


Now what does this have to do with your account?

Introduce yourself,
your bank account is the space.

You set the slider to 20 euros.


Let's assume that you earn 10,000 euros more in one month through discipline and diligence.
(You open the window and the cold air comes in)

However, you still have your controller set to 20 euros.
Your feeler (subconscious) recognizes that there is too much money in the account.

And now literally starts to burn your "coal" at full speed so that it can have 20 euros/degree again.

The more often you repeat this behavior and the longer you live with it, the more firmly this behavior becomes embedded in you.

As if you had a "child lock" on your controller.

bye money crisis,

Hello self love

Through self-love and self-reflection, we can identify and transform our "money mindset" by reversing negative thoughts and beliefs and developing positive, encouraging beliefs. We can also learn to identify our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to finance and build strategies to deal with our weaknesses and maximize our strengths. Everything is possible, you just need the necessary will and the right strategies. We stand for it with our name! So, turn down the heat, curl up on the couch, and give us a call so we can walk toward prosperity and financial success together!

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